LACOSTE Touch of Sun for women EDT 90ml
  • LACOSTE Touch of Sun for women EDT 90ml

LACOSTE Touch of Sun for women EDT 90ml


The Lacoste brand appeared in the world of fashion and beauty in 1927. The company was engaged in the manufacture of sportswear, but also mastered new directions. The first aroma from Lacoste was released in the late sixties. Then other flavors appeared, and the company began to position itself as a perfume brand.

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In 2006 the company has let out wonderful female aroma Lacoste Touch Of Sun, left by the limited circulation. It was a continuation of the summer interpretation of the Touch Of Pink perfume, which conquered many hearts. This fragrance is distinguished by its bright composition and whimsical combinations of magical notes. Spilling a delightful fragrance in space, this fragrance simply amazes the imagination. Representatives of the beautiful sex immediately appreciated the wonderful perfume and many women wanted to buy this miracle. Perfumery composition of the new fragrance was made under the impression of a clear sunny summer. It embodies the beauty of each moment and is somewhat reminiscent of the sunlight that dances on the surface of the purest water. Lacoste Touch Of Sun is revealed by a delightful explosion of bright citrus notes. They give the owner of a perfume wonderful freshness, tone up and raise the mood. As the composition unfolds, delicate, exciting and sensual shades become more and more evident. They drive you crazy! Warm sparkling trail easily and gracefully envelops the owner of Lacoste Touch Of Sun with a wonderful, almost weightless cloud. The fragrance becomes more graceful, and it feels light and charming coquetry.

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