Azzaro Silver Black EDT 100ml
  • Azzaro Silver Black EDT 100ml

Azzaro Silver Black EDT 100ml


Silver Black reveals the dual nature of a man: a combination of nobility and arrogance, masculinity and refinement. Silver Black, at the same time revealing men's secrets, leaves a certain feeling of mysticism and mysteriousness. The fragrance includes parts: the coolness of the Silver metal, as well as the strong and powerful Black. The combination of these two opposites creates a rich, attractive, masculine and sparkling aroma of temptation, however, it is difficult to resist any woman.

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The composition of this perfume was created by Francoise Caron from a number of Dutch branches of Quest International. The famous Frenchman in the field of design Loris Azzaro was born in 1933 in Tunisia in a family of Italians. And from his childhood he was very attracted by the French culture and the French language, and he got a degree in the extensive field of literature at an early stage, and became a professor. And he did not stop there. He went to study politics at the University of Toulouse. That's where he met Michelle, a very charming girl, then she became his wife and changed his life dramatically. Michelle, working as a model, then offered her husband to create his own collection of accessories. That's where the end of her literary career came in, as well as the beginning of a new life. 1962 was a year of moving to Paris for this friendly and exemplary young family, where three years later Loris was able to set up his own fashion company Azzaro Paris.

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