SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Incanto Charms for women EDT 100ml
  • SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Incanto Charms for women EDT 100ml

SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Incanto Charms for women EDT 100ml


Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Charms is a luxurious fragrance of 2006, created for modern princesses, delicate and touching, but playful and ambiguous. The girl or woman with such aroma is capable on any madness and the most dizzying tricks. She can with regal confidence and amazing calmness to participate in various meetings in the evenings or with the same peaceful mood to go to work, but at the same time in the heart of her bubbles and boils passion, which is ready to escape at any time outward.

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Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Charms is a kind of litmus for those girls and women who can hide their emotions and feelings, as well as the catalyst that forces them to reveal their inner world. A girl with such a fragrance is doomed to be loved and desired, she may also be not afraid to be funny or misunderstood, so frankly flirting, flirting, flirting and laughing at what is really funny to her. A bottle of fragrance reflects the inner essence of a fragrant bouquet. A bottle of Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Charms fragrance is a stylish classic of oval shape and unusuality of glass decor. The bottle displays a mixture of Asian and Oriental cultures, so the stylish shape, similar to sea pebbles, perfected by many years of work in the sea waves, through which you can see the stunning ornament of colored lines and hearts. Thus, a gentle blue fragrant liquid appears through an elegant pattern of colored elements and the name of the fragrance, which is applied to the bottle in exquisite font. The composition is crowned by a magnificent fuchsia-colored cap, which is made in the form of a ring, only partially related to the atomizer.

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