CHANEL Coco for women EDP 100ml
  • CHANEL Coco for women EDP 100ml

CHANEL Coco for women EDP 100ml


The style that Gabrielle Chanel gave to women has long ago become a legend in the fashion industry and is rightly considered a classic, time-tested. The same can be said of the delightful fragrances that are produced under this brand. Perfumery compositions from Chanel are so complex and multifaceted that there are no analogues. They evoke delightful and unique emotions, allow women to emphasize the beauty of their image or create a new, even more elegant and charming. Each fragrance from the legendary Mademoiselle sounds like a challenge to universally recognized postulates, and carries ineffable charm and charm.

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In 1984, the delightful edition of Chanel Coco was released, which brought new corrections to modern perfumery. It is the aroma of dreams, fantasies and desires. It embodies all the charm that is inherent in true elegance. It simply radiates refinement and charm, which are peculiar only to stylish and expensive spirits. Moreover, the Chanel Coco fragrance is undoubtedly very sensual and sexy. Its entire composition, from the first note to the final chord, is imbued with eroticism. The scent creates the atmosphere of a wonderful romantic evening, which promises a sensual continuation. Gabrielle Chanel loved oriental style. She was fascinated and amazed by the beauty, luxury and sensuality of Oriental fragrances. Their penetration, expressiveness and depth cannot leave a woman indifferent. The Chanel Coco fragrance effect, formulated by Chanel's in-house perfumer Jacques Polge, combines the versatility and luxury of the East with the understated sophistication, elegance and elegance of the West. Variable and fickle, Coco's scent plunges the wearer into a wonderful dream. Magical, almost mystical notes can be clearly heard in a unique perfumery composition. They give a woman a special charm, make her image mysterious and mysterious.

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