Christina Aguilera for women EDP 75ml
  • Christina Aguilera for women EDP 75ml

Christina Aguilera for women EDP 75ml


This is often the case when media stars also become creators of their own lines of clothing, perfumes and accessories. not everyone, however, succeeds in such a complex and competitive field. But some give birth to amazing collections. So Christina Aguilera (Christina Aguilera), having achieved worldwide fame and love as a singer, has created her own collection of fragrances. The singer's perfume has become a symbol of femininity and sensuality. In 2007, Christina Aguilera Women launched the new fragrance Christina Aguilera Women.

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Like all the fragrances of Christina Aguilera brand, it is packed in a bottle stylized as a woman's body, decorated with an enticing lace pattern, reminiscent of a body. It is a very sensual fragrance that is suitable for brave, determined women who appreciate feelings and are not afraid of them. Sensual harmony fills every chord of this enchanting fragrance. Christina Aguilera Women opens up with an alluring sweetness of floral and fruity notes. The languid jasmine responds with the calling warmth of peony shades, the mystery of the lily of the valley is reflected in the enticing appeal of sweet plum shades. The decisive sound of sexual shades of sandalwood and musk is hidden behind a curtain of sweet vanilla, which allows you to guess and guess, rather than be afraid of the pressure of passion. The charming charm of peach notes echoes the tart tones of black currant. Together they create a luxurious atmosphere of exciting sensuality, which attracts women and, undoubtedly, men in this fragrance.

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