Christina Aguilera Secret Potion for Women EDP 100ml
  • Christina Aguilera Secret Potion for Women EDP 100ml

Christina Aguilera Secret Potion for Women EDP 100ml


A new charming fragrance called Christina Aguilera Secret Potion, designed for the fair sex, was born in Germany in 2011. It was released by Christina Aguilera in collaboration with the world-famous company Procter & Gamble. The popular American singer and actress decided to dedicate this "secret potion" (this is how the name of the perfume is translated into Russian) to those girls and women who want to be always in the spotlight, to attract the admiring eyes of numerous fans ... This aromatic composition is created for charming and dazzling women who shine, conquer the hearts of brave members of the strong sex and always remain absolutely confident in their beauty and uniqueness.

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A bottle of perfume by Christina Aguilera Secret Potion is made in the form of a seductive female figure made of beautiful pink glass - all this perfectly underlines the femininity and charm of the woman who chooses this amazing magical flavor. A peculiar highlight of the bottle is that it is complemented by a small and elegant mirror, made in the form of a medallion - an indispensable accessory for all coquettish and seductive girls. Christina Aguilera Secret Potion affects its owner in the most beneficial way - it gives her great confidence in her own beauty, originality and uniqueness, and helps her to believe that there is absolutely nothing impossible and unattainable in the world... Delightful perfumed water of Christina Aguilera Secret Potion is not the first fragrant creation of the famous singer. Back in 2007 Christina Aguilera released her debut name perfume. A year later she presented the fragrance called Inspire, and a year later - mysterious and tempting By Night and Royal Desire. This fragrance is sure to be appreciated by young, romantic and self-confident charming people who love flirting, flirting and always being in the spotlight. These are perfumes designed to give joy, optimism and new pleasant sensations.

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