CHRISTIAN DIOR Addict Shine FOR WOMEN edt 100ml
  • CHRISTIAN DIOR Addict Shine FOR WOMEN edt 100ml

CHRISTIAN DIOR Addict Shine FOR WOMEN edt 100ml


According to perfumers, it is better to choose the aroma not by the rules, but by the mood. You should agree that a romantic dinner, a business meeting or a country train create absolutely different moods. Sometimes a woman wants to dream by the fireplace with a glass of wine. Christian Dior fashion house has created a floral and fruity flavor of Christian Dior Addict Shine. The heroine of the perfume is a young beautiful girl with a leisurely graceful gait. When such a girl passes by, the eyes are only on her. She is the ideal of every man.

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Christian Dior Addict Shine is a unique perfume for refined nature. Incredibly feminine and sensual smell as if it illuminates everything around with bright light. The composition of the fragrance is addressed to young girls. The unique formula of the toilet water will add to their natural charm the glow of the summer morning. The aroma is ideal for any occasion. Whether you're going to a party or a business meeting, the Christian Dior Addict Shine is always there. The perfume has a warm, elegant, unobtrusive but noticeable scent. Christian Dior's fashion house positions its toilet water as a summer scent, but Addict Shine can also be used in other seasons. Warm evening breeze, the smell of wildflowers, morning dew and scarlet sunsets. How nice to be carried away in a warm time, when the weather outside is cold? Charming, expressive and attractive, the perfume will not leave indifferent any woman of the weaker sex. Well, men will always be crazy about you and your smell.

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