CHRISTIAN DIOR Diorissimo for women EDT 100ml
  • CHRISTIAN DIOR Diorissimo for women EDT 100ml

CHRISTIAN DIOR Diorissimo for women EDT 100ml


Christian Dior Diorissimo treats those scents that are called classics. As is well known, the classic never gets old and especially not out of fashion. It was developed in 1956 by the most famous French perfumery house Dior. This fragrance can be characterized as light, fresh and sensual. Sometimes, it even seems that this fragrance is alive. And it is not surprising, because the notes that contain this fragrance, create a favorable atmosphere not only around the owner of this waxy water, but also around other people who are in close contact with this girl.

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Christian Dior Diorissimo contains a delicate and at the same time pure aroma of lily of the valley, which is successfully emphasized by a few drops of wood. The aroma of lily of the valley is able to create an atmosphere of spring, during which all the most beautiful processes take place in the life not only of nature, but also of people themselves. Spring breaks into the soul of every person, bringing an incredible flow of energy, tenderness and warmth, which is so necessary for every person and which is so lacking in winter. In general, if we talk about this tender and sensual flower, it is one of the most favorite flowers of Christian Dior. Therefore, it is not surprising that in many of his collections of perfumes, he uses the aroma of this flower, which has become a symbol of the perfume house of Dior.

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