Christian Dior Dolce Vita EDT 100ml
  • Christian Dior Dolce Vita EDT 100ml

Christian Dior Dolce Vita EDT 100ml


Christian Dior is a symbol of refined taste and high style. Amazing ideal of femininity and elegance. Clothes, perfumes and accessories are the brands that symbolize success. Christian Dior Dolce Vita is a fragrant accessory of 1998, created for unique women, for those beauties who know the price of their charm and beauty, so they do not want to change their lives by trifles, but on the contrary, demand from her the maximum.

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Perfumery bouquet of Christian Dior Dolce Vita fragrance is lightness and sparkle that brings back memories of the 60s and passionate Italian love so popular at this time. What could be more beautiful than the charm of youth and freshness, which would better accentuate the charm of a girl or woman than a bouquet of floral and fruity notes, carefully collected to create an unforgettable image of a nymph soaring above the ground. Christian Dior Dolce Vita fragrance symbolizes the charm and true elixir of happiness, presenting the world a contrasting, extraordinary, but always attractive woman. Perfumery composition brings to mind the melodrama of the 60s, a slight nostalgia for the experience and charm of pure and eternal love on the sunny Riviera. The perfume has become a symbol of modern femininity and charm. The fragrance adorns a woman not only with traditional fresh and floral notes, but also with manly chords of cedar and cinnamon. So the beauty becomes even more attractive and seductive, and her image turns into a universal style for a business woman of the new millennium, which easily seduces and conquers the heart of others.

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