EISENBERG J'ose for women EDP 100ml
  • EISENBERG J'ose for women EDP 100ml

EISENBERG J'ose for women EDP 100ml


Relatively new brand Jose Eisenberg, not so long ago appeared on the market, but has already managed to win the love and gratitude of real connoisseurs. Once again, the authors surprise us with their masterpieces and fascinating aromas. Jose Eisenberg J'ose for women is one of the lightest and weightless perfumes you have ever tasted. The French name of the new line translates as "I dared", which actually characterizes the perfume very precisely. The beautiful aroma illuminates and gives a joyful mood not only to you, but also to the people around you.

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Jose Eisenberg J'ose was created for those who are not afraid of experiments, because the perfume could be considered unisex if it were not for the lightness, femininity and harmony that can be given only by the aroma of nature in the embodiment of the tender petals of lavender. The sensuality of the smell will certainly not leave indifferent your loved ones and relatives, and simply passing by on the street people. Jose Eisenberg J'ose is full of charm and grace, creates a captivating atmosphere, embodies the elegance and beauty of the most sensual woman. Like black and white, like fire and water, they are intertwined with the coolness of mint and lemon, and the warmth of chocolate and lavender. Femininity and elegance in one small bottle, which, of course, should have every real woman. The magic aroma will always involve you in the romantic atmosphere. At the same time, an invigorating lemon will give lightness and freshness even on the most difficult day.

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