GIORGIO ARMANI Armani Mania FOR WOMEN edp 100ml
  • GIORGIO ARMANI Armani Mania FOR WOMEN edp 100ml

GIORGIO ARMANI Armani Mania FOR WOMEN edp 100ml


The Armani fashion brand has become a stronghold of refined style and sublime taste that can transform a woman or a man into a model of taste and unique style. Armani Mania is a fragrant refinement of 2004, which is able to emphasize the best sides of female nature. Moreover, the multifaceted and strong aura of perfume conveys not only floral chords, but also powerful and deep musk and woody notes of passion and sensuality, sexuality and love.

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Armani Mania is a concentration of windiness and spontaneity, purposefulness and tenderness. Perfumery composition emphasizes all the charm and trembling of a woman, her charm and inner power that pushes her to incredible deeds and accomplishments. The fragrance begins to play with a chorus of sparkling citrus fruits, which sparkle and dance like bubbles in a glass of champagne. The spice in the top notes of the perfume embodies the softness and warmth of the base, represented by powerful and deep notes. The refined harmony of the perfume conveys all the power and ambiguity of a complex female nature, its spontaneity and tenderness. Femininity and success of the lady-owner of such a harmonious and elegant bouquet of perfume notes, based on tenderness, sparkle and softness of transitions.

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