GUCCI Envy Me 2 for women EDT 100ml
  • GUCCI Envy Me 2 for women EDT 100ml

GUCCI Envy Me 2 for women EDT 100ml


Gucci Envy Me 2 is a continuation of the popular and famous Gucci Envy Me fragrance, a novelty that differs from its predecessor in that it is lighter and fresher, with a subtlest sound. The perfume is fascinated by the intertwining of patchouli, Ottoman rose and orange. It's as if a playful summer breeze has brought the finest stories on its thinnest wings that violets and magnolias want to share. The aroma attracts you to experience the previously unknown sensations of romance and sensuality, to absorb the magic smell of a fairy-tale, unexplored summer garden, where flowers smell and grow a lot of previously unknown fruits, even when outside the window of winter and frost.

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The initial note of Gucci Envy Me perfume is 2 oranges, violets, green magnolia. The heart notes are purple heliotrope and Ottoman rose. Final note of sandalwood, vanilla, patchouli. The aroma is the quintessence of all previously hidden female passions. He emphasizes that you can not hide their feelings, you must allow all their desires to come true, despite any obstacles that stand in front of you on the road of life. According to women's opinion, Gucci Envy Me 2 is primarily a freshness depletion, and an unusual freshness. The combination of orange with magnolia, roses and violets gives a unique aroma, a second odor you will never find. Gentle, exciting aroma of this toilet water will not leave indifferent more than one woman. Packaging of perfume reflects the care from pink to green, it is painted in the same pattern as the previous series, only pink color changed to green.

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