GUCCI Envy Me for women EDT 100ml
  • GUCCI Envy Me for women EDT 100ml

GUCCI Envy Me for women EDT 100ml


The magnetism of free girls, not burdened with excessive cares and prohibitions, was miraculously expressed in the composition of Gucci Envy Me, a fragrant hymn of eternal youth and beauty, not afraid of the end of its solemn procession. The appeal of Gucci Envy Me's daring and self-fulfilling perfume is reminiscent of the juggling of a young charming woman who is confident in her irresistibility to hear her own unique feminine image.

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What is she, the gentle charming woman who has chosen a delightful perfume composition called Gucci Envy Me? An independent, passionate, inspiring, a bit militant and a little bit daring, all of these epithets are ideal for describing a girl of a new generation. This young woman prefers to be in the limelight, actually coordinating the actions of her many fans who seek the most incredible ways to prove their affection and unwavering devotion to her. But that doesn't mean that pretentious toilet water isn't the right choice for older, inspired ladies - it can bring sparkling joy to even the most skeptical nature, so it's this fragrance from the world-famous manufacturer that has long won the prize for universal sympathy and has become an undisputed favourite of sales.

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