LACOSTE Love of Pink for women EDT 90ml
  • LACOSTE Love of Pink for women EDT 90ml

LACOSTE Love of Pink for women EDT 90ml


Sensual, playful and romantic perfume composition Lacoste Love Of Pink is released by Lacoste design house. It is a kind of hymn to the pink color of the only color, which men have not taken away from women so far. The fragrance symbolizes the spring revival, beauty and energy of youth and the comprehensive concept called "glamour".

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Perfume is intended for young girls carefree and slightly frivolous creatures who do not think about tomorrow and live as their heart tells them. For those who have chosen this image for themselves every day, the daily use of the fragrance is recommended, and for those who only sometimes turn into a carefree, slamming long eyelashes, it is better to use the perfume just when you need it. The ingredients of Lacoste Love Of Pink toilet water are selected in accordance with modern notions of femininity. Energetic orange juice with lemon acidity brings the owner of the fragrance into the country of dreams, where everything is colored in life-affirming pink. A fresh start turns into a sweet, but not a sugary bouquet of feminine magnolia, exotic passion fruit and delicious vanilla. Cedar and musk are woven together in a slightly tart, spicy and sensual trail, not giving the surrounding men a chance to escape the charm of the owner of the flavor.

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