Antonio Banderas King of Seduction Absolute EDT 100ml
  • Antonio Banderas King of Seduction Absolute EDT 100ml

Antonio Banderas King of Seduction Absolute EDT 100ml


King of Seduction Absolute is a bright, stylish, exciting and charismatic woody-fougere men's perfume with subtle leather accents and a bright splash of nautical notes. The fragrance was released in 2015 under the brand name of the popular actor Antonio Banderas. The aromatic composition "King of Seduction Absolute" is a flanker of the "King of Seduction" perfume produced by Antonio Banderos in 2014. In the new edition, the fragrance has become brighter and more impetuous.

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The inspiration for its creation was the tropical islands and the rapid gliding along the waves on a speedboat. The composition begins with the sparkling citrus freshness of juicy pomelo and spicy pink grapefruit, mixed with bitter-spicy notes of green almonds and alcoholic accents of precious absinthe. The heart of the perfume meets with a cool splash of marine notes, a fragrant aroma of lavender and a bitter-spicy aftertaste of cardamom. And all this aromatic splendor rests on a base of a subtle, slightly animalistic scent of expensive, finely crafted leather, velvety-spicy oakmoss and soft moist-earthy vetiver accents. The new perfume from Antonio Banderas is a real gift for men who want to emphasize their own style and the charisma of a self-confident seducer with perfume.

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