Azzaro dB DECIBEL EDT 100ml
  • Azzaro dB DECIBEL EDT 100ml

Azzaro dB DECIBEL EDT 100ml


The perfume is packaged into an interesting bottle revealing the essence and the name of the fragrance itself. The bottle is made in the form of a microphone. The black glass of the case originally harmonizes with the aluminum perforated cap, creating the feeling that the hands are not a bottle with an interesting aroma, namely a microphone. Azzaro Decibel is dedicated to rock musician Julian Casablancas, the soloist of the famous American band The Strokes. In addition, the 33-year-old Julian Casablancas became the face of this perfume, dedicating another musical composition to his "perfumed" one. Azzaro Decibel fragrance combines juicy lemon notes, intoxicating liquorice and exciting fruit aldehydes.

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Today Azzaro Fashion House is famous for its original ideas both in the creation of clothes and in the composition of perfumes. The basis of such originality was laid by the founder of Azzaro brand, Frenchman of Sicilian origin Loris Azzaro. Starting as the creator of funny costume jewellery and shocking stage costumes, Loris Azzar over time has achieved success with the most fashionable and popular actors and actresses of his time. Yes, this designer and perfumer never belonged to the Paris Fashion Syndicate, did not create collections that are commonly called haute couture. But it was his work that attracted all those who needed to breathe, striving to achieve their most cherished desires. In 2011, another fragrance from Azzaro was released, which begins to amaze and intriguingly entice only at first glance at the original bottle. This is Azzaro Decibel fragrance.

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